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Workshops #01


For anyone who has an interest in psychotherapy and counselling, we run regular workshops to introduce people to this vital and fascinating area of therapy, and to help them understand just what is involved in these types of counselling.

They are also useful for people who may live with, or work with, people that may be suffering with a problem that would benefit from counselling. Even if you have no intention of becoming a counsellor yourself, our workshops can at least open up a beneficial understanding of what someone in need of counselling could be going through. This could, in turn, help you to promote a more sympathetic and understanding environment for someone struggling with problems that we deal with.

Workshops #02

As well as our general workshops, we can also arrange tailor made workshops on specific topics, at a time that suits you. These workshops are available over a wide range of subjects, and can be invaluable to all sorts of groups of people or companies.

For example, if you are an organisation that is involved with helping people during and after accidents or disasters, attending a workshop on understanding, and dealing with, the effects of trauma, could be invaluable to you.

Likewise, if your company or organisation regularly has to deal with people suffering from addictions of some sort, it can only be beneficial for your people to understand what lies behind and drives addiction. That way, you are better prepared to deal with them in an understanding, sympathetic and appropriate manner when the time comes.

Workshops #03

For corporate customers especially, we can offer tailor made workshops that can be invaluable team building exercises for your people. This way, you can help the people in your organisation bond together, in a way that will have a much more profound and beneficial effect on them, than any outward bound course ever could.

Psychotherapy and counselling can help in such a vast area of situations that it would be impossible to try and give examples for them all. However, whatever area you need help with, please get in contact with us and we are sure to be able to help with our wide range of knowledge, training, experience and expertise. We are sure to be able to put together a tailored workshop that will deliver exactly what you need.

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