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Counselling #01


While there is no doubt that life can be wonderful, there is also no doubt that events and situations, can make life seem anything but wonderful at times. You are never quite sure when you are going to be faced with a unfamiliar situation that you may be unprepared for, or may just be unable to deal with at that time. Counselling can offer the vital help and guidance to deal with these unexpected events and feelings.

Counselling may be considered as very similar to psychotherapy. However, counselling is usually a shorter term treatment for issues that may have come about quite recently, rather than deep seated, long term difficulties that need a more, lengthy and open ended approach. Counselling is ideal for someone who normally manages to deal with things quite well on their own, and has a generally good level of well-being within themselves.

Counselling #02

When you undertake counselling in either an individual or a group session, you will experience a non-judgemental exploration of your life and your feelings. The counsellor helps you to find solutions to your problems, based largely on behavioural patterns by offering suggestions and advice, rather than telling you what you should do.

The whole point of counselling is to help you to overcome your issues, rather than to instruct you in what you should be doing. During counselling, you will be helped to see your situation from a different perspective, perhaps from the point of view of another individual that may be a contributing factor to your problems.

Like psychotherapy, counselling is an on-going process that encourages you to try out solutions in the real world, and to make behavioural adjustments where necessary. Treatment usually finds its conclusion when the patient has found the solutions that they are looking for, or when they have achieved their particular goals.

Counselling #03

Although counselling can be a part of a much broader programme of treatment, it is usually a very effective stand-alone treatment for very specific, shorter term problems. If, however, the counselling session reveals a more deep rooted, long term issue, your counsellor will advise you on the further treatment options that may be required to get you to where you want to be.

Relationship issues are often best treated with counselling, whilst anger management, co-dependency, self-esteem and bereavement issues may have a root-cause that lies deep in the past. This is when a more psychotherapeutic approach may need to be discussed with your counsellor.

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